Our History

The year was 1913.  Roanoke was thirty-one years old and Salem was a small town, the center of government for Roanoke county.  They were connected by a street car track which ran about parallel to what is now Melrose Avenue.  Melrose Avenue was a narrow, unpaved wagon road.

In 1913 Aldine St. Clair  began to lay the groundwork for a church.  He and Thomas Childress began to hold church services in a small school building.  The school building was hidden in the oak and pine trees on a hill between Roanoke and Salem.  There was a narrow dirt road in front of the schoolhouse (Peck Street).  In May of that year, a month long revival was held which brought into fellowship fifty Christians by baptism or transfer of membership and on June 15, 1913, the Edgewood Christian Church was organized.  These fifty individuals made up the charter membership.  The new congregation called as its first minister, Aldine St. Clair, who served Edgewood for over twenty-five years.

The schoolhouse which was owned by Roanoke County was purchased by the church in 1922.  The building was converted into a church and Sunday school rooms were added.  During the earlier years of the church there was no inside plumbing, no central heat, and no electricity.

A new church building was begun, but before it was finished fire destroyed it and the old schoolhouse on January 25, 1927.  Hospitable people of the community opened their homes to the congregation.  Later by means of pledges, offerings, and free labor, a new building  was erected. 

The new building was dedicated in July, 1927, becoming know as the "Little White Church".

In 1958, the entire interior of the old sanctuary was completely remodeled and a baptistry was added. 

In June 1963 Carlos Fields was called as Edgewood's first full-time minister.

In 1973, a new larger church building with a sanctuary, a few classrooms, and a basement fellowship hall was completed.

In the following months, the old building from 1927 was demolished. 

In 1975, the new sanctuary was expanded to hold even more worshipers.

A 2-story addition with a new main entrance, church offices, and more classrooms was completed in late 1979. 

In 1997, the sanctuary was refurbished and repainted.

An addition of a larger fellowship hall and kitchen was completed in 2004.

The old fellowship hall under the sanctuary was transformed into two larger classrooms. 

The main entrance was expanded in 2013 to allow easier flow and more room for gatherings.

In 2018, the large storage room under the fellowship hall was made into a large meeting place for our youth group to finally have a room only for them!

In many of these projects our church was able to raise the money before they were even begun! 

The Lord has greatly blessed Edgewood through the years, and we look forward to where he will guide us in the years to come!




Senior Ministers 

1.  Aldine H. St. Clair                      Oct. 1912 - Mar. 1939

2.  B.F. Calaway (pro- temp)           1938 - Summer 1939

3.  Ernest Weaver (pro-temp)        1938 - Summer 1939

4.  Dean Calaway                           Summer 1939 - 1940

5.  Otho L. Craft                             April 1941 - Dec. 1961

6.  Joseph Hardy                            Jan. 1962 - Dec. 1962

7.  Carlos Fields                            Jan. 1963 - Sept. 1965

8.  Charles Aldridge                      Oct. 1965 - Aug. 1967

9.  Charles Carmen                       Dec. 1967 - April 1971

10.  Harlan Ogle                            June 1971 - July 1976

11.  Marion Harris                         Oct. 1976 - Dec. 1986

12.  James Foringer                      June 1987 -Dec. 1989

13.  Douglas Keffer                       April 1990 - April 1992

14.  Larry Atkin                             Dec. 1992 - Nov. 2009     15.  Ken Runyon                           Dec. 2009 - Nov. 2015

16.  Brian Orahood                       April 2016 - present

Youth Ministers

1.  Alvin Feltner                            June 1975 - Spring 1976

2.  Mike Leamnson                       Oct. 1976 - Oct. 1978

3.  Scott Gregory                          May 1980 - Aug. 1980

4.  Dan Swezy                              July 1985 - May 1986

5.  Brian Orahood                         July 1986 - June 1987

6.  Richard Harding                       May 1988 - May 1993

7.  Willie Purdee                          Oct. 1993 - Jan. 1996

8.  Warren Whitaker                     May 1996 - Dec. 1997

9.  Robert Paddock                      Jan. 1998 - Sept. 2003

10.  Brian Chadwick                      June 2004 - April 2005

11.  Joseph Schmidt                     Dec. 2005 - May 2008

12.  Chris Brandow                       June 2008 - May 2015
13.  Kevin McNeil                          June 2015 - August 2019

Associate Minister

1.  Chris Brandow                         June 2015 - March 2019

2. Kendal Wiley                             November 2019 - November 2020

Director of Children's Ministry

1.  Stacey Lilley                          May 2005 - Feb 2011

2.  Sarah Brandow                      March 2011 - Dec. 2015 
3.  Kayla Leighton                      June 2018 - present


"Timothy's" of Edgewood Christian Church

These are men who are from Edgewood and have been ordained into the ministry. 

Ollie Murphy, Ira "Sonny" Furrow, James Myers, David Workman, Jerold Tear, Jr., Charles Fisher, Byron Paddock, Jason Cole, Seth Bryant, Brian Chadwick, Johnnie Tickle, Kevin McNeil, Alex James                                         

Edgewood Christian Church

1006 Peck Street NW 

Roanoke, VA 24017

(540) 986-0414

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